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Wednesday 30 March 2005

passive agressive rebuttals

where the target will never see them

  1. MOTUs are a piece of crap. MOTU drivers crash my computer. you can't even run iChat while running MOTU. I did NOT want to do four channel set up because it is a pain the ass. i will have to haul a bunch of equipment around. i will have to install fucking stupid drivers which fuck everything up. I will have to have redundant laptops because MOTU will cause a laptop crash at least once during concert and i'll look stupid if i make people wait for a reboot.
  2. no, it will not "make my life easier" to add a fucking gui to all my programs. doing a bunch of extra coding really never makes my life easier.
  3. gender shifting ann coulter's voice is a terrible idea. it does not deconstruct her status as a right wing woman pundit, it just reinforces stereotypes and gives weight to ad hominem attacks against her appearance.
  4. now is REALLY not a good time to want to change everything around.
  5. myabe, you know, my advisor should hear ALL of my pieces before my concert. maybe not. it's not like i want to change every single one of them.
  6. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  7. also, unrelatedly, appletalk has suddenly stopped functioning, which means i need to do an os reinstall or some shit. etf? at least i know it's not cuz of motu, cuz it happened last night.

also, i hate everyone on earth. except for you. oh and the written portion of my thesis is due in a week and a half, i've just learned. today.



Anonymous said...

may be a good time to pass along a motto one of my teachers told me, "Bet on yourself." Also, "If all I had was a matchbook, I'd make matchbook art." Time is also a material we work with (and the lack thereof.) congrats on Paris, much more fun than ZKM!

Jean Sirius said...

what's a motu?

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