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Monday, 7 March 2005

Women, give us your stuff for free

I just got a call for submissions to something called Women Take Back the Noise. They want to raise the prominence of women in noise music, so they're looking for laptop, noise, experimental, glitch etc tracks of less than 8 minutes. They want tracks not published elsewhere. They give you a CD and it's a nonprofit project. It doesn't say WHO is profiting. It doesn't say how they plan to distribute. It doesn't say how many CDs they plan to press. Ok, so they don't want to pay royalties. Fine. What do I get back for this?

I think that projects designed to promote women's stuff are great, but my stuff has value and I need to know what you're planning with it. I'm not going to just be overjoyed that you care about noise by women and send you something. Like, we're all sitting here wetting our pants at the slightest possibility of notice. Maybe it's a sugar crash here, but pleas for free stuff from women for free just makes me feel disrespected. I'll prolly drop them an email, but in the meantime, if you're planning a project for women or queers or some minority group because you want to show how valuable their contributions are, you have to act like their stuff has value.

I've been on stuff for free before. Heck, I paid admission to hear my tape played at Woodstockhausen. But geez, I knew what I was getting in return.



Anonymous said...

In case you've calmed down enough to look, the project is finished and details are here:

Les said...

My old posts come back to haunt me.

The call for scores needed a lot more context, but the project is actually really cool.