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Monday 18 April 2005

Guess who is on the Cover of Time Magazine!

I'll give you a clue. This person wrote (according to the article), "that court-ordered school-desegregation plans have led to 'illiterate students knifing one another between acts of sodomy in the stairwell.'" Oh, that ignorant, violent and sexually untamed alien other has come for our children! *shriek!* Yeah, Time also identified Protest Warrior guys as lefties. Time's capacity to screw up facts, do terrible surface treatments and get things wrong ought to be legendary if it is not already.

What else am I learning from Time? Um, Ann Coulter is really quite huggable and blushes sometimes in public! Of, and she's soooo sexy! She's complicated! Misunderstood! Humorous! Ironic! Full of witty satire demonizing black people and queers! (The demonizing black folks and queers line is my added sarcastic bit, you see, Ann's just trying to push buttons, tee hee)

"And of course the biggest case Coulter ever helped handle as an attorney (she got her law degree from the University of Michigan in 1988) was a sexual-harassment claim of an unsophisticated woman against her powerful former boss." Three guesses what this is referring to! Three guesses about Ann Coulter's softer, more female-friendly side! Who is the boss? That's right! Bill Clinton! The woman helped by Coulter is former playboy model Paula Jones! Remember the Starr Report? The impeachment? Oh yeah . . .

The verdict? Coulter rules! " The officialdom of punditry, so full of phonies and dullards, would suffer without her humor and fire."

Update: Media Matters Smackdown. Unlike the "smackdown" in Coulter's latest column where she claims that the folks who threw pies at her had their bones broken by conservatives. Not true. Latest column. Too much work for time. Maybe they rely on "Communists for Kerry" to do their research for them.


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Charles Céleste Hutchins said...

I find the idea that they deliberately mislead a more troubling idea than them being completely ignorant.

Of course, the idea that their political staff could have missed that is also troubling.

Freepers are on this(!). Maybe they'll get blogged to death by the right wing like Dan Rather.

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