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Monday, 25 April 2005

I can't beleive I voted for this guy.

Worse, I gave him money.

We hoped to never write these words: John Kerry and Hillary Clinton are cosponsoring a bill with Rick "Man on Dog" Santorum. Its name is deceptively harmless--The Workplace Religious Freedom Act. But the practical effect could be an enormous boost for an emboldened religious right.

. . .

As a New York Times editorial points out, pharmacists can "berate, belittle or lecture their customers," refuse to guide them to alternative supplies of medicine and pressure other pharmacies to do the same when large megastores like Wal-Mart already refuse to stock the morning-after pill. . . . "Employers would have serious difficulty resolving instances where an employee posts a sign reading 'God hates fags' in his office or cubicle; where workers proselytize on the 'sins of the homosexual lifestyle' over lunch," the Human Rights Campaign wrote in a letter to members of Congress.

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I'm going to France next year. France is secular. Have fun in Jesusland without me.



Crinis said...

Ack! Je viens avec toi! Ne quite pas sans moi!

Anonymous said...

So under this potential new law I can set up statues of Isis and the Morrigan in my office cubicle, but somebody else can put up a big 10 commandments.
I'm not sure I wanna go to France, but I really wanna go somewhere secular. *whimper*

uncola said...

These pharmasist bills make me mad for several reasons. First off, how dare anyone suggest that you have a right to deny someone safe and legal medical treatment for any reason? And secondly, the entire argument only holds water if you are unaware of the fact that women take birth control pills for a number of reasons besides preventing pregnancy (regulating hormones, helping with mood disorders, stopping debilitating pain, ect.). Any pharmasist knows this. If they are denying women birth control pills they should be fired, not protected. These bills play on the public's biases and not on any actaul facts.

Les said...

Some people believe that AIDS is a punishment sent from God and may also go denying patients needed medicine, to keep them alive. Or emergency anti-AIDS drugs. (Most people don't know about this. If you are having sex with someone whose HIV status is unknown to you and you have a problem, you can go to an emergency room and get drugs (or a prescription for same) which will prevent you from catching HIV.)

Vince: I'm taking French this summer. Until then, you will have to translate what you've said into English.

goat said...

...oh my god, those people are such fucking whores.

i'm so glad i'm not in that country. (yes, "that" country.) now i can work on no longer caring about watching it implode from the outside. if only i could use my citizenship status to save my family and friends.

such fucking whores.

SPCTutors said...

HEre is something in the Kos about it, I am not sure if the times article is representing it properly (I mean maybe it is but after reading the above I am withholding disgust until I know more)