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Friday 29 April 2005

Master of Arts

If you have any questions about arts, I will do my best to answer them as I am now a Master of same. (Well, I will be after I pay off my student account.) w00t. Maybe to celebrate I'll go see the Hitchhiker movie.

In completely unrelated news, last night bush said, "[W]e must develop promising new sources of energy, such as hydrogen, ethanol or bio-diesel." OMG! The president just backed bio-diesel! That is the awesomest thing ever. It's too bad it comes after nuclear power (in the previous paragraph). Alas. I've always felt like we take too few risks with fissionable materials. There's whole regions of America safe from a 3 Mile Island-type disaster. Increasing the number of plants and the massive amount of waste (toxic for the next 40k years) is the more masculine ideal. I'm happy to say we've already been making very positive steps by failing to secure Russia's nukes and our police of dropping out the the ABM treaty. Soon, radioactivity will be in the hands of every American!

I don't mean to slip into snark. It's very positive that Bush has endorsed bio-diesel. It's renewable. It's carbon neutral. It can be produced domestically and it's good for farmers. And better for engines that petro-diesel. win/win/win/win/win!



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Charles Céleste Hutchins said...

i have no idea what the regalia looks like, but i'm guessing it's a step down from mills.

i'm not doing the ceremony thing

pq said...

congratulations, you rock!

here's something amusing for you:

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Commission Music
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