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Commission Music
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Monday, 4 April 2005

more listiness

Today, I

  • bought groceries
  • bought beer
  • did some sweeping
  • went to class
  • got car started (it's idling now, after it has idled for an hour, i'm going to turn it off for half an hour. if it doesn't restart, then i won't take it to the airport)

Tomorrow, I must

  • Get up at 8:00
  • Print programs at 9:00 and get in the paperwork that was due friday but that I got an extension until today for and then forgot
  • go to headshop at 10:00 and buy stuff to make hair blue (my classmates say this is a good idea)
  • start loading in chapel between 11:00 - noon
  • start setting levels as soon as setup happens
  • do run through at 4:00
  • break from 6:00 - 7:00 ( i hope)
  • concert at 8:00
  • post concert cookies, snacks, beer and jagermeister (yes, really) at my abode

I just got contact by somebody who wants to use a piece of mine in a documentary. I'm wondering how to respond. Of course I want to, but what questions should I ask and how many coins should I demand (in Braxton's manner of asking)?


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