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Thursday 28 April 2005

No More Jagermeister for Me

Played Braxton large ensemble concert last night. It went very well. It was maybe the longest concert we've done in the two semesters I played in it. I got a solo, which was nice. Afterwards, we went to Eli's. Phillip says that Jagermeister is an old lady drink in Germany, but he likes it anyway, on the rocks with a lemon wedge. At Eli's that's a brandy glass full, which is kind a lot of Jagermeister. It causes a feeling of happiness more than other kinds of beverages do. This is why Phillip likes it. It makes me feel kind of confused and overly friendly.

I just got an estimate from the movers. They will pick up my stuff on May 9, 10, 11 or 12. They tell me which the day before. And the me, xena, my tuba and a bass guitar hop in my car and drive to California. I've been considering taking a passenger. Want to cross the country, perhaps stopping periodically at Zippy the Pinhead type attractions? I can offer short term lodging at either end of the trip. You must make your own way to Connecticut and back from California. A flight from CA to CT will generally run around $100. No drugs or drug paraphernalia in the car. Send a 250 word essay on why you want to go and what you'd want to see.

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