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Saturday, 7 May 2005

Michael Jackson

Ok, I read the news reports about the trial. I admit it. I do it for the titillation. But I am no longer titillated at the deeply homophobic turn things are taking. You see, Mr. Jackson has a few books that show images of adult men engaged in sexual acts with each other. Should he be allowed around children if he has gay porn?????!!!!???

This would maybe be funny, except the prosecutors are asking witnesses this and they're saying "no" and it's being presented to the jury as "evidence" that Jackson is a pedophile.

Images of adult men.

Is it 1985? I thought we were past the all-gay-men-are-pedophiles bullshit.

So I own the Tom of Finland book. And an old boss gave me a book of art photography nudes. Some of the nudes are children. Apparently, the possession of these books (they're up on a high shelf) shows that I'm a pedophile. Not that we're homophobic or anti-art in the unites states. It's just that all queers are evil alien others who are going to hell.

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