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Thursday 5 May 2005

My life lately

Yesterday - day

Yesterday, I was supposed to hand in my thesis for binding at 1:00. I went out the other day and bought acid free 100% cotton thesis paper. But it was 20lbs weight and I needed 24lbs. Kind, Helpful Person who I am fond of and will not name here offered to get me paper while s/he got paper for own self. So I grabbed the paper yesterday morning and went to the lab to print my paper.

My printing account is broken. I don't care. It bills to the music department anyway, so I can just use the printer in the electronic music studio and I'm not cheating anybody because the same people still pay. So I went to the studio and plugged in my computer and tore open the ream of paper and shouted "oh no! KHP bought the wrong paper!" I had 1.5 hours left in which to solve this problem. KHP almost never makes errors! My advisor was there whilst I started panicking and offered me a ride to office supply chain and dropped me off so he could go to hardware store chain. So I stood waiting for a while , as he was wondering what he was forgetting on the way back to school. (He saved my neck. I bear no ill will.) A strange man approached me and started questioning me. Did office supply chain sell file cabinets? Was I student? Did I want a job? What was my major? What instrument did I play? Did I know of the band "Yes"? He never even went into office supply store. A car pulled up and honked at him and he got in it.

So I went back to school with my third ream of paper and started to print (this is so exciting) or rather did not start to print, since I started getting a million errors. I restarted the printer. I restarted my computer. I became unpleasant. The lab's computers do not have my font installed. So I decided I would need to export my document as a pdf so I could print it from one of the lab's computers. However, the pdf document printed fine from my computer. huzzah! I had maybe half an hour left to print 3 x 80-some pages. Just enough time.

as the last copy was finishing, some of the pages fell to the floor and got out of order. I was trying to re-order them and realized I forgot to include page numbers. I had maybe 10 minutes left at this point. I called the grad office and learned that I do not need page numbers. Anybody who wants to cite my thesis is, uh, in trouble for a number of reasons.

Went to grad office with my three printed thesis and picked up my three printed CDs. There's a CD printer in the science tower. I started burning the CDs. For some reason, they took 15 minutes EACH.

Lunch at Ron's started at 1:15. I told him that I might be half an hour late. I showed up after 3:00. Indeed.

Yesterday - evening

David and I moved my large rack to Jazapalooza. One of the circuit boards got dented as the back is uncovered. The setup I have is not "gigable," as they say. So we set up and started playing about 10 minutes late. At least 10 or 20 people came by. People walking by on the street would see the back of my rack and walk in to stare for a minute and then walk out.

the coffee shop people had no idea what they were getting in to. The guys behind the counter were not happy. On them likes something called "Maroon Five" which apparently disqualifies him from judging music. Anyway, the though the gawkers wanted to buy coffee but left because of the music. Oh well. It was uber fun. Playing with a computer person is great because if they sample and tweak what I'm doing, it varies the texture AND it gives me time to stand and think what I want the synth to do next. Breathing room.

It was super fun. We played for like two hours. Some math PhD students came out to hear us. One of them declared he was platonically in love with me. heh.

Today, Tomorrow and the Next Day

Movers are coming monday moring. I have to get everything in order. Tomorrow, I'm recording an album with Braxton. Tonight, I was planning on going to see Charles play at Merkin Hall in NYC. Going out to the city for one evening is such a major pain in the ass. I think I'm going to flake and start packing stuff instead. I am considering the possibility of finding a dog watcher and going to NYC for a few days after I get all my stuff packed and shipped. I hate going into the city for just one day. But for a few days, it's nice.

I think it is not unreasonable for me to flake. When I get home, I'm going to do a lot of sleeping and then sitting on the beach.

Things I know

  • Doing things at the last minute invites disaster

  • My desire to hide at home indicated that I am turning into my mother and as such:

  • I need to live in a big city when I grow up

  • If I live in the burbs, I'll be trapped in them like a self-made prison


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Anonymous said...

I, too, did that thesis thing at the last minute. I remember having a horrible time getting it to print out. The laser printer in the grad student office at Porter College chose that day to break. I ended up having to send it to a printer way across the college. It seemed like miles to walk to get it and I was so scared the print job hadn't gone through. I remember buying that acid-free paper of a certain weight and getting it bound. I did it at a copy chain store. I had to get signatures on the front of all three copies. One of my thesis committee was notoriously hard to pin down and I seem to remember sitting on the ground outside his office for a while waiting for him and not being sure if I would get the thesis copies to the Graduate Studies office on time. Wow. Thanks for the flashbacks. :)

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