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Wednesday 8 June 2005

Art! In! Spaaace!

Remember "Pigs in Space"? Well, they're making some room for Pigcasso. There's a call for works in the International Space Station! Ok, contact micing the space station is too obvious and, I mean, things that make earth-bound humans more aware of the artificiality of their environment are good, but to do that to a long-haul astronaught is just cruel. A proposal could be anything right, I mean, reminders of home are good. But I think it should focus on something about being in space. Something that pings when they fly over a hometown or something. Or something that uses velcro intrinsically. NASA uses velcro all the damn time. Or something that uses weightlessness and the coincidences of brownian motion. Speakers just float in space. ... or juxtapositions. Something unexpectedly natural in an artificial space. Some articulation of space-ness. . . . It sounds as if they want something that might also be useful/interesting to us earthbound. Some sort of connection or articulation that is meaningful even at a great distance.

Alas, they're not going to launch a musician, so I will not do the first tuba solo in space . . . yet . . .



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the call for works! I posted it on the Composers Tribe. There's been a flutist in space, incidentally -- Ellen Ochoa was an astronaut who played the flute and took it up with her on the Space Shuttle. She was on the cover of the Flutist Quarterly playing flute in zero gravity. :)

cxjo said...

it's not that sound doesn't travel thru empty space, it's just that nobody has ever tried playing *loud* enough! work with me!

Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg said...

are you familiar with laurie anderson's NASA residency?

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