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Tuesday, 7 June 2005


Comment vous applez vous? J m'apelle Celeste. Je vais trés bien. Comment allez-vous? J'est une étudiante. C'est la fenêtre de Xena.

Today was my first french class. I have class every day from 9 - noon, one hour lunch break, and class again from 1 - 2. So (this is fascinating) If I wake up at 7:00, I can walk the dog, eat breakfast, etc, bike to school, go to class, eat a packed lunch, um, hang out for a bit, more class. Home at 2:30. Practice tuba until 3:00. Homework until 6:30. Dinner break (cook et eat) until 8:00. More homework until 8:30 or 9:30. Write music till bed time. Rinse Repeat. Starting tomorrow with the homework and next week with the tuba. I just took my horn to the shop. I won't see it for a week. Alas!

So, I've got no time to rehearse except on weekends. I can play gigs during the week. Free improv right now is about all that looks very doable, but I think I could schedule in one or two groups that require practice, depending on how intense they are. I have folks who want me to play their ensembles, but man, am I going to be crunched for time. C'est la vie.

Some neocon thing just published the list of the most damaging books of the 19th and 20th century. It's tempting to use as a summer reading list (you know, in my copious free time), but the bastards had to include Mein Kampf. Yeah, one book that's actually damaging in the list just to make it harder to laugh at. Although Coming of Age in Samoa by Marget Mead made honorable mention, so I think I'll laugh anyway.


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"Comment vous applez-vous? J m'appelle Celeste. Comment allez-vous? Je vais très bien. Je suis étudiante. C'est la fenêtre de Xena."