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Thursday, 11 August 2005


Hillary Swank passes cuz she's playing a young guy. Also, too bad I didn't have Dr Dobson around in my youth to set me straight. Ack. at least he focusses most on biological males. for two reasons: 1. tomboys are not as transgressive. 2. girls don't matter anyway.

also, the way to make your boys straight is for mothers to defer to fathers all the damn time. Apparently, if my (hypothetical future) kids call me "dad" it will make them queer. muahahahaha


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pq said...

oh celeste, you are incredibly wonderful, bright, talented, creative. is it really so important to arrive at some capital-T Truth of who you are? i worry that you're gonna miss getting to *be* you, because so much of your passion goes into defining and analysing the moving target of you-ness. be here now, dear one: time is passing.