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Friday 2 September 2005

I'm in Apple Valley

That's between Barstow and LA, 2 hours to LA and two hours to Vegas. I'm totally going to Vegas.

Apple Valley is in the middle of the Inland Empire and the High Desert. I'm here until Tuesday morning. It's where Cola's parents live and it's where Xena will live while I'm in France. She's got three other dogs to play with, all gigantic German Shepherds. They could eat her, but she's got enough energy to run them into exhaustion first. She's not used to being outside all the time, but she's adjusting.

Nicole's parents have a huge TV in the kitchen. They like to watch the news in the morning. I was thinking of trying to watch The Situation Room because the Wonkette makes it sound so laughably awful. Anyway, we were watching CNN this morning and some reporter was reporting via video phone from a city hit by the hurricane, I don't remember which one or who the guy was, other than a blonde white guy. He was explaining that people wished they could loot the stores there, but couldn't because of military or police presence. He said people were walking down the street looking in shops, trying to figure out which they could loot later. Window shopping looters. Like this guy! The video phone turns to look at a guy walking down the street who was obviously a looter, I mean, obviously enough to be called one on live TV. Sure, he was just walking down the street not carrying a weapon or anything incriminating, but you could tell he was a looter because he was carrying a plastic water bottle. I mean, how would he have a water bottle if he wasn't a looter? Oh, and he was black. That's also a dead giveaway.

So I think I will not watch more CNN this afternoon and instead leave the TV off.

The NAACP needs your donations, folks, as does the Red Cross.


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