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Friday 21 October 2005

Mac Lisp Implementations

Isn't it kind of cruel to call it a "lisp"?

Stanford makes a musical lisp package CLM which runs with CLISP (which seems to be free) and Open MCL, which also appears to be free. But what are all of the Mac LISP ports?

There are probably more. Which is the best? Lisp is a popular language for music right now. It's possible to get Common Music to run using XEmacs, but does it make sound that way? Got me, I haven't programmed in LISP since junior high, and that was XLISP which seems to have fallen out of favor. Fortunately, there is at least one Lisp Book online.


Anonymous said...

For another Lisp book online, check out Abelson and Sussman's "Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs." It's the text we used in our intro to CS class at Cal, but it uses Lisp and has lots of good code samples in it. MIT has released it to the web:

Anonymous said...

Please...I beg you..use some discretion. Don't talk about Albelman and Susman freelly like this, I mean there could be children present..and don't pull some old free speech argument...there HAVE to be lines somewhere!


Anonymous said...

nice one.. i bin reading about lisp,seems lush
wanna get it running on me mac like!!

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