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Tuesday 18 October 2005

Wine Review: Terre de Pojale

T has encouraged me to make notes about the wines that I'm drinking, so this is the first of perhaps many wine reviews. The latest wine I've tried is called Terre de Pojales. Alas, I forget the price, but I suspect it was about 2€, not on sale, just that price. I tried it the first night alone. It compares favorably to 2 buck chuck, however, it has a weird aftertaste and I can't recommend it. Perhaps before I bought it, I should have noted that the background image on the label is fruit flies!

The second night I had it, it went pretty well with slightly spicy squash, mushrooms and noodles. I think the spicy aftertaste of the squash masked the weird aftertaste of the wine.

And in wine lingo: it had no legs at all! Legs are the trails of wine that stick to the side of your glass and trail down after you swirl the wine. This stuff didn't stick, it was like the water-repelling storage materials in Dune. The glass was practically dry around the edges after a swirl.

But, hey, it was only 2€ and possibly the cheapest wine I've had thus far. However, I won't be buying it again and am making a note to avoid things signified by fruit flies.

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Anonymous said...

Its' funny, I really tried to like the 2 buck chuck Charles Foster wine at Trader Joes and just couldn't deal with it. I mean for like 2 MORE dollars you can get a much better wine. And I am not wine snob.

Anonymous said...

thatwas me, Carol

Anonymous said...

Any wine tastes better in Paris!

Glad to hear you're a Parisian now! Don't forget to write.

You'll find some pictures of Paris I took years ago. And maybe some recent ones:
photo blog "All I've Seen"


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