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Wednesday 23 November 2005

Won't anyone think of the children?

From the Washington Post:

But Vatican officials say those rules have been loosely enforced, and some have blamed homosexuality for a worldwide scandal over sexual abuse of minors by priests. Other Catholics say there is no connection between homosexuality and pedophilia.

Indeed. Some catholics say there's no connection between pedophilia and homosexuality. As does the DSM and every major professional organization of psychiatrists and psychologists in the united sates. Some shrinks point out that 98% of child abusers are not gay or bisexual. Some victims rights groups point out that the majority of victims of sexual abuse by the clergy are girls and oppose this plan. Some newspapers occasionally do a bit of research rather than presenting things that are verifiable as a difference of opinion. Or, you know, maybe they could "teach the controversy." Oh, no, that's another debate over a verifiable phenomenon.

If American culture is going to be relentlessly dedicated to positivism, could we please actually make an effort at doing even a smidgen of research. We have google. We have the internet. Reporters have Lexis Nexis. Heck, they could just call up an "expert" and ask for some information. They could open a book. There are so many ways to get information now. It boggles the mind to have to think about it. I remember the old days when libraries had card catalogs. Now you can find out about almost anything without having to leave your desk. It's so much easier now to do research, yet it seems fewer and fewer news organizations ever bother.

Some catholics believe that the world is round. Some people actually earn their paychecks by doing their jobs.

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