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Saturday, 10 December 2005

A dream I had

Isn't it fascinating when people post their dreams?

So it was a wednesday. I had finished my morning classes and was sitting on the patio of Café Strada listening to Rudy and others talk about celebrity gossip that I could barely follow. Jennifer who is with Brad? I looked at my watch and said goodbye to go to a meeting of my Transgender Peace group. (Trannie peace activists? I don't even know.) After the meeting, I hopped on my bike and rode down to the Acme bread company and bought a loaf of sourdough and popped into Kermit Lynch next door and got a bottle of wine. then I biked home and walked my dog around the block. We stopped to play with a dalmatian, Lotta Dots, that my dog is friends with. Then I came back and spent some time playing long tones on my tuba to help prepare for a gig I was going to play on Friday. I grabbed some homebrew beers and stuck them in the fridge because my band, Rides Again, was coming over for rehearsal. Cola came home from work and took Xena for another walk, while I programmed some granular synthesis algorithms I would need for the next night. the band showed up and we smoked some weed on the back porch and then took the beers into the studio to play. We practiced incorporating Anthony Braxton's hand signals into grooves. The drummer recorded the whole practice onto minidisc, so he could post the best five minutes to the band's podcast in the morning, keeping our fans psyched for our gig the next week. Then we all walked to Lanesplitter pizza, smoking pot on the way and having more beer once we got there. The waitress told me she liked the tuba playing I'd done the week before at 21 Grand. I gave her a flyer for Rides Again's upcoming show the next week at the Stork Club. After dinner, I was walking Xena around the block with Mitch, too buzzed to read the 50 pages I needed for class the next morning, but talking about an idea for an installation that we were going to submit to the San Jose Museum of Art.

The Cola started awake and I woke up too. I'm sure my life will be just exactly like that if I get into Berkeley! I did once have a waitress at Lanesplitter recognize me though, over last summer, after I played some tuba improv at the Luggage Store as a part of quartet.


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Les said...

2 minutes after I posted that I got an email asking me to play tuba in Oakland in February.

Wish I was gigging in France.... or had an instrument here in addition to just my laptop.