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Thursday 5 January 2006

Auf Weidertypen

Off to Tours and Chinon for the weekend. Tours sounds familiar because of St Martin of same. I don't know anything about it, actually. Chinon, of course, is a wine appellation. It's also where the Dauphin hung out during the Hundred Years War and Joan of Arc miraculously recognized him hiding in a crowd, according to legend. For a while, I would buy wine from Chinon because I recognized the name from that story, but I was not buying the RIGHT wine form Chinon. Hopefully, this will soon be settled. (Right now, I'm all about Graves. That's some good wine!)

It's going to be damn cold along the Loire. Snow everywhere. Bringing my thermal underwear and an array of sweaters. See y'all later

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Crin said...

Je te deteste! Argh! C'est pas juste! J'ai envie d'y etre. Je suis tres jaloux.

Charles Céleste Hutchins said...

Yeah, why don't you go biking in Napa where you won't get frostbite and you can at least have a conversation with the wine growers.

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