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Wednesday, 8 February 2006


My dad just left. He's on his way to Spain and then home. We did a lot of touristing over the last week and a half. Yesterday, we went to Versailles. There is a project underway to restore it. The Hall of Mirrors is about half done. The half that's finished is incredible.

The whole ceiling of that long hall is painted with the many achievements of Louis XIV, often with the aid of Roman gods. The rooms around the hall are full of statues of him. One has a giant portait of him. I'll probably never have as much money as a past king of France, but it does give me some decorating ideas. How much does it cost to get a marble statue of yourself in roman battle armor anyway?

I speculate that a marble statue may be beyond my means, but there are other metallic and plastic materials available. Bronze would last a long time if it was indoors and furthermore, additional statues can be made form the mold. Why commission just one statue of Celestvs Avgvstvs, Roi de Berkeley? Why not many identical laureled statues? Heck, why not smaller versions that my subjects (or friends and admirers) can have in their homes?

Cola suggests that I build (or commission) small molds that can be filled with heated plastic or spray foam and thus generate statuettes on demand. Statue making machines could be coin-activated and placed in bars such that bar partons can have a statuette made of me on the spot.

Also, I want to be represented surrounded by cherubs. They're just so cute. They can be helping me write notes or something.

Also: maybe in medieval armor like Joan of Arc and then perhaps in a hunting suit with my dog and then in a marching band uniform, playing the tuba. the possibilities are endless and ridiculous.

But seriously, if I were Bill Gates, I would have a marble statue hidden away somewhere of me as Cesar. Cuz why the heck would you make so much darn money if you weren't interested in megalomania?

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