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Monday, 6 March 2006

Job Offer

So if we agree on salary, I've got a job. How much should one expect for 19.5 hours/week of web monkeyness in Paris? It's some ASP and helping people figure stuff out. Part time office geek. Why does nobody list salary ranges on craig's list? Anyway, if it works out, they might be interested in helping me stay for another year. I explained that I was not alone in France, and they seemed interested in Cola's skill set and said they could at least give her connections to find a job if not hire her.

Whee! I will soon join the ranks (hopefully) of those who leave their house nearly every day. They want to know how much I can work in the summer. I need to talk to Cola . . ..

I dunno about another year here. On the one hand, I like the friends I've made, I can get my dog mailed to me (maybe), I like a secular government and adequate healthcare (for contrast, check out this NYT article about immigrant healthcare in the US. Including legal immigrants, not that it should make any difference whatsoever.). Yeah, it's nice to live in a country that believes in human rights. But I left my heart in San Francisco. Actually, I think in berkeley. Or maybe it's my tuba I'm thinking of. Why can't California be more like France? Or why can't France be more like California?


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Polly Moller said...

Wow, this could be big. :) I like the image of Xena being mailed to you, that's really cute. You & Cola could be next in a long proud tradition of US expats in Paris!