Commission Music

Commission Music
Bespoke Noise!!

Saturday, 11 March 2006


Text sound poetry and electronic noise. In English and French. Presented by Celeste HUTCHINS, an American composer, and by la Barbare.

Women only!

21:00, Saturday, 11 Mars 2006

46 rue Gambetta
93100 Montreuil
Metro: Croix de Chavaux

Most of the folks I know personally aren't coming. I think some people who are coming expect techno music, which is not what they will get at all. Anyway, you should come because I'm worried that nobody will show up at all, and I foolishly printed 50 programs and I wrote two new pieces of music for this. Or rather, I wrote one new piece of music and translated another into French. The nice thing about writing programs to create music is that I had somebody read Meditations pour les Femmes and then put the recording into the pre-existing program and it worked perfectly!

Several pieces have been changed to be based on the oscillations of European voltage, rather than North American, which causes changes. (In the US, I work with multiples of 60Hz, because 60Hz hum is all around us and ingrained in our psyche. Here, it's 50Hz. One of my pieces changes significantly based on this change.) And, of course, the spatialization will be set up for the space, so it really will be different than sitting at home and listening to my podcast. Even though I just sit behind my laptop and watch my programs go.

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Crinis said...

Nice Hat! Can't come, sorry. Not only am I not a woman, I'm no where near Paris right now. I guess I could dress in drag, but that still doesn't solve the proximity problem.