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Sunday, 9 April 2006

Small World

Mariano, David and I went to the largest park in Paris, to meet the guy from yesterday who had the durian (Cyril). After looking around for a while (the largest park in Paris is fairly large), we found him and tried the durian. I had convinced myself that I must have eaten it before. But now I don't know if it was my first time or not. It's kind of sweet, but has a sorts of garlicy/oniony savory flavor that seems to put people off. Also, the piece I had was extremely slimy. I would eat it again.

After trying the durian, I heard a woman shout "Celeste!" It was someone from la Barbare, which is the lesbian / feminist separatist space where I had my concert. She was a friend of Cyril's. She told me about a party later at a squat where her friend would be playing (along with like 30 other bands until 5 in the morning) and said I should come. Ok. Small world. She seemed very pleased to have run into me and as she left, I said I'd see her later that night.

After a while, there were only seven of us left. Cyril, 3 of his friends and us 3 composers. We re-conviened at a bar and talked for a while. One of the guys had lived in San Francisco for a few years (2 in the Castro, 2 in the Mission) and had gone to do engineering at UC Berkeley. Small World.

After the party finally broke up, I went to Mariano's for a a little while and then went to la Barbare, hoping to get food and meet up with Solène. She wants me to write some music for recorder for her. Ok, cool. Need some ideas for that ASAP. Send your recorder ideas to _____.

While at la Barbare, I got contact info for yet another squat. I will one day be an underground squat sensation, if only I can ever get in to meet the right people. The squat plans for later in the evening fell apart when it turned out that the squat in question had closed the door to late arrivals. This was all relayed by cellphone, I missed the action. Anyway, it turns out that Cyril is also a good friend of Solène and some other musicians that she's introduced me to in the past. Small World.

So it was fun chatting at the Barbare and I got two plates of food and a cup of tea, which I completely forgot to pay for. When the plans for squat hopping fell though, Solène and the woman from Cyril's party decided amongst themselves that they would hang out until late in the night and ride back on the latter's scooter. Eventually, Solène said, "you're not waiting for us to take the metro are you?" Err, no. (yes) Shit it's 12:30. I ran and caught the last train back.

So, in summary, it's a small world after all. Durian guy turned out to not really be a stranger (Paris isn't really all that big). And my life sounds more exciting when I summarize it on a week-by-week level rather than one day at a time.

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