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Tuesday, 23 May 2006

Anybody able to recommend a bbcut tutorial?

I'm trying to learn bbcut extremely quickly, so I can use it in a fast-approaching show. However, the learning curve is unfriendly and help files are probably much more useful to people who already understand the idea. Has anybody out there got a tutorial or cookbook? Also, can anybody tell me why all the name buffer classes don't have a common ancestor or something to make them interchangeable? I mean for god's sake, how many classes does one need? Why does SF3 not understand a bufnum message? I know people like their files, but I like delay lines and live audio and I ought to be able to do the same things with it than I can do with recorded audio. I have my own Buffer classes, but I'd like to be able to do bbcut-ish things and anyway, my classes all broke when I got a more recent build. I know I shouldn't have upgraded right before a gig. arg.


Yesterday's SC build from Wesleyan was messed up, but today's is ok. If you want to use BBCut, don't just grab the most recent build, as it's a universal binary (huzzah!!) but does not include extra libraries like BBCut. You can put them in yourself, of course, but if you're lazy and not on an intel platform, grab the 10.3 version.

The mystical helpfile that explains all is called BBCut2Wiki. Huzzah for explaining all. But now it's 5:30 and I have ten million things to do and no working code yet. I'm not sure doing glitch processing on a recorder (non-transverse flute) is really a good idea anyway. It's just not glitchy. Although the performer likes loop processing, so maybe there's hope. I just need to travel back in time a month (or two) and everything will work out great.

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AJ said...

Hey, I am sort of in the same boat. I am looking to get off the ground with bbcut 2 but I have no real experience with supercollider. Getting the hang of it, but a tutorial would be excellent.