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Tuesday, 9 May 2006

Getting to my flat

This post is designed to enlighten those who would like to come visit me. One such person will be coming soon. I always love it when people visit because it's fun to show people around and I actually get to those museum exhibits on my list. Plus, they tend to buy me food sometimes. Staying at my place and buying me a nice dinner is cheaper than a hotel!

If you come by plane to one of the major airports, you're going to want to hop on the RER train and take it to the Gare du Nord. You will buy a ticket at the airport RER station. That same ticket will take you (almost) to my door. You do not need to buy a new ticket to transfer to the metro, but you must keep your RER ticket with you and be prepared to run it though the ticket machines a second time.

If you take the Chunnel, it will drop you right at the Gare du Nord. Therefore, these instructions start at the Gare du Nord.

Go to the metro. Buy something called a carnet. (Tell the station agent "zh-uh voo-dray uh kar-nay, see voo play" and hand over 10.70€.) It's 10 tickets all together for about 4€ cheaper than buying them separately. Then, using one of those new tickets (unless you already have an RER ticket), get on the 5 line towards Place d'Italie. Get off at Jacques Bonsergent. When you come out of the metro, you will be either in a little square with a press or across the street from it. That street is called Magenta. Go to the Presse and buy a map of paris. He sells a nice one with a light blue cover and a pull-out map. It's got many colors of printing. It's a good map.

Anyway, then turn around so you have your back to the presse. Look down Magenta. On the left hand side of it, there is a street. Walk up to that street. It is Pierre Chausson. I'm on the right hand of the street. You will see just a large door and a keycode thingee. My door code is [ask for it via email]. Go through that big door. I am the stairway on the left. There is a list of names next to the door. My buzzer is labelled Hutchins/Wilkins or vice versa. I am on the second floor (if you start counting at zero). My door is on the right.

I've got the place until August 1st. So you could some stroll by the lovely canal, eat some crepes and some chevre, drink some wine, look at a museum or listen to a concert or just bike around.

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