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Tuesday, 13 June 2006

Request me on the radio!

This is very silly, but it's possible that I could get some radio play in NYC, if folks request it on June 13th (today!). Information about the event is below. If you call or email and ask for "Clocker" by Celeste Hutchins, that would be awesome. (Other request worthy artists are Polly Moller and Maggi Payne, btw.)

Anyway, this short work is not on my podcast, nor will it be, so this is just about the only way you can hear it, which I know you're dying to.

The 60X60 RADIO REQUEST EXTRAVAGANZA will air on Afternoon New Music Tuesday June 13th, 2006 between 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

Afternoon New Music is on WKCR 89.9 is in Manhattan, New York (the heart of New York City) and is being hosted by Martin Kostov

Live Internet broadcasts at WKCR can be heard at the following link:

During the show please call in or email.

Our goal for this show is to have interviews with some guests in regards to the 60x60 project as well as air phone calls, as well as broadcast some other 60x60 highlights.

The Telephone Listener Line is (212) 854-9920 for phone requests.

There is a web site with information about WKCR, Afternoon New Music at:

I also hope to be checking my gmail account for request before the show. That address is

And I'm off to Nice to lie on the beach, so somebody leave a comment if my piece gets played. :)

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