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Commission Music
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Thursday, 8 June 2006

Thigns to do the day before a concert

  • start to wonder where you might be able to borrow a mic stand
  • develop eye twitch
  • re-write your sampling software completely (almost completely)
  • find out the owner double booked the space
  • inexplicable be blamed by the owner for this
  • hate france
  • swear to never gig in this country again
  • find a studio on the floor above which teaches modern dance improv classes
  • get them to agree to dance along while we play
  • first ever dance collaboration?
  • dress rehearsal
  • go hang out with french people eating and drinking in somebody's flat
  • jam
  • feel like part of a group (a rare thing when one is foreign)
  • wonder if you can arrange to stay longer

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