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Wednesday, 28 June 2006

Tick Answers

Please nobody comment to any of my tick posts because the comments give me panic attacks.

Ok, so I went to a pharmacy this morning and explained my issue. The sent me to a doctor. The doctor looked at my bite and said it was infected and gave me antibiotic cream. There was a bit of a language issue. He said not to worry about lyme disease, since it's not really in Germany, more in the Czech republic. I asked about the mysterious German disease and he had apparently no idea what I was talking about. If this disease was common and cause for alarm, I think a doctor in den Haag would know what I was talking about. I asked if there was any tick left in my leg, he said he didn't see any and told me not to worry about it.

I had been more or less successfully not worrying about it until I read a comment to my last post which said I should go make a doctor pick the left bits of tick out and get on because of increased risk. This is good advice and I asked for it and it was nice of the person to leave it. But I'm not going back to the doctor to demand that he pick apart my infected leg. Well, I dunno, maybe I should. I go back to Paris tomorrow.

When I get worried about personal matters, I deflect my attention by worrying about terrible diseases that I might catch. So I have been very terribly worried about this - sort of in a panic. Except not sort of, I actually start to panic. This does not help my thinking. I had finally calmed down and now I'm all panicked again. (This is oversharing, sorry - not doing my best thinking.)


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