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Tuesday, 11 July 2006

How I'm doing

The day after I went to see the movie, I woke up early the next morning to call the Netherlands consulate in Paris to ask about immigration procedure. Apparently, if you're American and want to move to the the Netherlands, you just show up with paperwork and ask for a residency permit. Then convince somebody to giv e you a job and show up with some paperwork around that and they give you work papers. Maybe, probably if they like you.

lyme disease update

And the, the over-exertion of walking around Paris and then waking up early had me feeling miserable in bed for two days. At some point, taking 1 gram of fizzy tylenol at a time started doing me harm. And so I stopped and began to feel better. Yesterday I felt fine, except for getting tired really fast. Only occasionally tiny amount of burning and the bite hurts from time to time, but not so much that I would probably even notice it if it weren't so suddenly important in my life. The red spot around it shrank and faded and got really dry and then I stopped putting the antiseptic on it because it was so dry. The doctor gave me something that smells like pool water. I think it's chlorine. And last night, I noticed it looked the same as it did a week ago. ack. So I bleached it and this morning, it's light again.

I'm up early because I was worrying about the implications of the rash not going away and had plans to call an anglophone advice line. What if I have antibiotic resistant lyme disease? But commenters on Live Journal have said they had the rash for two weeks. So I'll wait a few more days before seeking advice. I don't want to spend another four hours at the hospital waiting to talk to a dermatologist unless I actually have to. What did we do before the internets?

I want to be travelling right now, but if I get completely exhausted after just riding my bike downtown, then it is not in the cards for me. I'm really tired of not feeling well. I want this to go away. Hence my worry about the rash. "Why isn't this gone yet??" I whined to myself. My problems are minor compared to many folks, but they're mine and that gives them a certain gravity in my mind.

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