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Saturday, 1 July 2006

new news


Today was Vélorution, but I dropped out after only a few minutes because I was feeling crappy. I've been kinda having a few issues with anxiety lately. I think it might be a bad idea to not eat, take a xanax and then try to go biking in the heat. This is kinda sad because it's the last one for me before I leave, but I'm glad to not be biking right now.

The red area on my leg where I got bit is bigger and a bit painful, so I just went to talk to a pharmacist. French pharmacists are actually incredibly helpful. He looked at my leg and gave me some anitsceptic pain killer stuff and told me to see a doctor if it's still red on monday. So I'm going to be in Paris until monday probably, unless my leg unreddens. I asked about feeling bleah and he blamed the heat. I blame being homesick.


All winter my apartment was freezing and i kept thinking how nice it's coolness would be in the summer. ha ha. In other news, I got email from my brother today inviting me to his wedding.

Wedding?? I didn't even know he had a girlfriend, let alone a fiancée. I know absolutely nothing except the date they plan to tie the knot and that they plan a bbq. He didn't mention her name or anything in the email.

As I wrote back, I realized that he wasn't sure about what country I was in, nor knew anything about my plans for next year. So it's not just him, it's me too.

And finally: I know hearing about other people's disgusting medical issues is so much fun that people use it as a metaphor for other terrible conversations, but my leg hurts less today but is still red as hell. So likely trip to doctor or hospital tomorrow. (Hospitals here are also clinics and can be just a way to get to see a doctor that day.) I want to go to Berlin and Brittany (and play a concert in Karlsruhe on July 11th) and squeeze in a couple of days in Alsace all before Bastille day, but I don't know how I'll have time. Why before Bastille Day? Because I'd like to see it and because Brother Bob ("brother" as in title, not as in same parents) flies in the next day! Yay.


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