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Thursday, 31 August 2006

Are you still here?

Trying to read Dutch apartment listings is making my head spin. Dutch is like a really drunk German guy trying to speak English. Ask me if I still think that after I've been there a while. I leave for France on Friday. Because I am a master of preparedness, I have no train ticket from there to the Netherlands and no place to stay in Paris nor in The Hague. I saw a promising apartment listing on Craigslist today, though, phone contact only. Yay for skype. Boo for time zones.

My gig at the Temescal Café was fun and went well. Each set successfully emptied out the restaurant. Nothing in the tip jar, but I forgot you need seed cash. If people don't see some dollars already in the jar, nothing will go into the jar. Also, like, most everybody fled, so there might have been other factors. I have avant-gaurde creds!

Last weekend, I went on a river float trip in the Central Valley. T'was fun. Cola got caught in a tree, but I stayed disaster free. It was more fun than the last time I went as I knew a lot more people and they all chilled out a lot after the organizers had a kid.

Most of my paperwork is in order. Y'all should come visit me.


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Polly Moller said...

I'm gonna miss you. I will chat whenever I can and keep you fully updated on everything. Maybe I'll even get to come see you in the land of tulips!