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Friday, 15 September 2006

The Latest

Theoretically, I should have full functionality on my school's wifi network on Monday. Tomorrow, I am driving to Paris. Gasp, yes, driving a car across three countries. Yikes. I will fill it up with boxes of stuff and drive back to put all the stuff in my new apartment. Huzzah, it is two rooms right in the middle of town. It is awesomeness. The air mattress at the anti-squat sprung a leak, so this is just in time.

I ordered a bicycle. I kept waffling back and forth between getting the cheapest bike possible because it will get stolen anyway and I'm only here for a year or get the bike I want but couldn't get at home and be worried about parking it all the time and ship it home. I went with option B and in 4 weeks, I'll have my very own 60 lbs bike (yikes). In the meantime, I am trying to assemble a bike from pieces of incomplete bikes. I feel I am close to this goal, but I left the major piece someplace on a rack with no lock (I don't have one yet) and I'm worried somebody will think it abandoned and throw it in a dumpster. After careful consideration, I've decided I should probably give it some brakes. So it needs a tension arm for the chain, some derailer type thing (it doesn't need to move, but it does need to keep the chain from falling off) and some sort of braking device and it's all good. w00t.

School is cool. Housing crisis is solved Bike solution in progress. all is well.


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