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Monday, 2 October 2006

Heh heh. She said "Joystick"

Is it me, or is everything about game devices loaded with innuendo? "Joy stick?" I mean, really. I went out yesterday and attempted to purchase one called the "thrust master." Sublimation much?

No, I have not discovered the joys of gaming. (Well, I briefly became interested in a Soduku widget, but it got old fast. Closely related to minesweeper but without the smiley face or the implied violence. bah.) If I gamed, I would not do anything else. It's difficult for me to compartmentalize.

Anyway, I found a bargain joystick with 2 degrees of A->D conversion for the stick and another degree for the throttle. I have plans to use it with my tuba (or, rather, my formerly bubblewrapped sousaphone). If the stick proves too awkward / stupid, then different variable resistors, such as ribbons can be put in place of where the stick went.

Right now, though, I am giggling like a middle schooler at game device terminology. If I remove the plastic of the handle and replace it with a cyberskin packer, would this be over-the-top for performance? What if it was crotch-mounted?

(For those of you wondering what a "cyberskin packer" is: It's a limp, squishy prosthetic penis that one might use for stuffing their trousers. These are used by Drag Kings, FTMs, cisgender males with injuries, and people who know how to get a party started. And very serious gamers, of course.)


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