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Monday, 20 November 2006

New Phone Numbers

Hello all, I have some new phone numbers. +31(0)614132676 works right now. The other number, +31(0)708888187 will start working by the end of the week. My French number still works also: +33(0)667382191

If you are calling from within the Netherlands (or France, for the French number), you leave off the +31 (or +33 for France) and dial the 0 in the parenthesis. If you are calling from another country, like the USA, you dial 00 31, skip the zero, and dial the rest of the numbers. I pay roaming charges for the French phone, so I'd prefer if you call the Dutch numbers unless you're in France, or if you know that I'm in France when you call.

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1 comment:

jenny said...

most countries int'l access is 00, but from the US it's actually 011, so would be 011 31 708...

you've been gone waaaay to long :)