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Friday 15 December 2006

5.1 Podcast

I was late last night in the analog studio at school, until they kicked me out. I was busily running 4 channels of audio, 1 at a time, though the gigantic reverb plate which lurks in the attic of the conservatory. It's easy to overdo it with the plate and also it has a distinct resonant frequency. When I was thrown out, I was considering my options for frequency shifting. AM, Ring Modulation, FM, Vocoding, waveshaping. So many possibilities, so little time. The nice thing about analog is that even when what you get is all wrong, at least you're making sound, and that's good.

So I played my work-in-progress in class today and the teacher decided to show us how to burn a DVD, because it's a 5.1 (or really, 4.1, since I don't use the center, but do have a sub track). He said it sounded done. He's the expert. It's done. I want, therefore, to post it to my podcast, but all I have at home is a DVD and no software that will rip the audio from it. Even when I go back to school, I'm not totally sure how to encode 6 channels of audio for podcasting. MPEG4? AAC? Is there a way to save the sub and send it quietly to left and right if and only if the listener has only a 2 channel setup?

I need to find some calls for multichannel works and drop this in the mail.

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