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Thursday, 7 December 2006

Happy Days

I have electricity again and the carillon near my house (in the shopping mall, I think) is playing The International.

So the electrician, who came here before the sun was up (which is to say before around 10 AM), spoke very little English and I speak very little Dutch. I described the problem over the phone to a coworker of his who told him what I said in Dutch. But then I realized I left out something important, so I waved my hands around a lot while repeating phrases in English, French and German. Most Dutch people understand German, although it tends to make them unhappy when I answer their Dutch with it. The languages are very close, so it's confusing. Anyway.

There were sparks and stuff. It was exciting.

I created a profile for Other Minds on Myspace. The profile needs friends, but I'm worried about requesting friends because I don't want to make people think they're being considered for a festival as I have very little say in such things. So people should friend request OM and I'll accept them as friends and good times will be had by all.

Speaking of OM, the festival is coming up tomorrow and if you are in or near the Bay Area, you should really go. I wish I could go.

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