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Wednesday, 27 December 2006

My Avatar isn't wearing underwear

I joined Second Life recently. I have a sort of a fascination with VR environments. I used to run a MOO (like a MUD but object-oriented). I wrote about a bajillion objects for the MOO. Unfortunately, most of my objects cannot be ported to the visual world of SL because they violate the TOS. Alas.

Anyway, about 3 years ago I did a sound project associated with the MOO. I have the idea that I could do virtual installations. SL has about 100K active members, so it's not a large potential audience, really. But I think it's got legs. I joined after reading an article about copyright issues in the Washington Post. I don't know if this means SL has jumped the shark or if it has just broken into the mainstream.

It's funny how just wearing such a goofy outfit virtually makes me kind of uncomfortable. Back into normal pants (and no wings) right after the screen grab. I'm so uptight. I can't let my inner-gay shine through. alas

In other news, work is afoot to turn the wiimote into a general HID for things like gameplay use. That would allow me to practice using it and play a game at the same time. w00t. There's also plans underway to make it play nicely with SuperCollider. I'm all over that.

To my non-american readers: I'm sorry about the insane amount of idiom. I'm like a 19 year old Canadian coming home from the US and getting drunk.


VR Virtual Reality

MUD Multi User Demon - a text based virtual reality simulation. It allowed the users to modify the environment.

TOS Terms of Service - an agreement that I have to follow

jump the shark pass the high point of it's popularity. Something keeps getting cooler and cooler until it jumps the shark and then is embarrassingly not cool.

wiimote new kind of remote control / joystick for the new nintendo game system

HID Human Interface Device - a joystick or silimar

w00t hooray! yay! super! wow! a happy noise. only sort of cynical at the same time.

all over that in favor of

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