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Commission Music
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Wednesday, 4 April 2007

And another one

Auction 3 got a bid, so I put up auction 5. Auction 4 is still bidless.

The bidder for #3 wanted to know if s/he could remix the track when done. What a fabulous idea! I told hir yes. It feels so collaborative. I love it.

The whole eBay process, though is kind of nerve wracking. What if nobody bids in the next 4 days and 22 hours? ack!. Note to self: eBay bids are not a good measure of self-worth.

I contacted an arts blog today about buying advertising space. I'm running out of ideas for free publicity, since I've gotten mention on most of the New Music blogs that I know of, I've posted on most of my email lists and I listed on Tribe. The publicity part of this project is kind of weird, but I see it as part of the project in a sort of conceptual-everythng-is-art kind of way.


In other news, I've been investigating interfaces between computers and analog information. I've ordered a nifty joystick brain and I've just been informed of a cool-looking open source device which can create control voltages to send to a synthesizer. DIY electronics are really big right now. And this is good for lazy people like me, because it means that people are designing and selling little boutique devices. So I don't have to do my own designing. The Arduino is cheap, open source(!), and made by workers getting a living wage. It's perfect and somebody has already written a SuperCollider interface. W00t. Now all I need is to decide whether to go with USB or bluetooth. Wireless synthesizer control with a modular might be a little silly, but is still tempting.


Polly Moller said...

eBay bids are definitely not a measure of self-worth. I listed four second editions of the first 4 "The Tick" comix and got not a single bid, back in 2001.

Then in 04, I think, I sent them to "Any Marine, care of Corporal (I forget her name), (somewhere in Iraq, I can't remember right now)."

That's probably irrelevant to my original point about eBay bids not being an indicator of self-worth. But that's what happened to the comix.

Anonymous said...

Hey Celeste,

What "open source device which can create control voltages to send to a synthesizer" are you looking at? Is it the arduino? I have been investigated using the arduino to control my electric siren as well as spinning bullhorns(megaphones). Is there another device that can control voltage as well? I hope all is well.

Talk Soon,
Carl T

Les said...

Yeah, I'm going to order the Arduino, I think. Have you used it?