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Friday 25 May 2007

i'm back

I've been in Berlin, Prauge and Dresden in the last week. It's 10 hours from Dresden to Den Haag and if you have a dog with you, in order to get a sleeper car, you have to reserve the ENTIRE compartment, so unless you find 5 other people to go in with you, it's 200 extra euros. Also, Czech border gaurds don't notice dogs unless you hand them petpassports and if you do, they think you're trying to pull something. Alas, pet passports don't get stamps.

More later. I'm really tired.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hello Celeste
i left note, called and emailed
somebody in your apt picked up note but still no response
your rental agreement has expired
what is your situation?
i called already Conservatory, Insurance Company etc
Nicole should pay the municipal taxbill RIGHT AWAY or they will come with Police and take away all your stuff from the apt.
Please report before noon tomorrow monday the 4th or we will put an international POlice notification on you both.
kind regards
Yuri T

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