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Saturday, 5 May 2007

Pills on saturday

Not so hypothetically speaking, if you realized late on a friday night that you were dangerously short of zoloft and you had to get at least a week's worth the next day AND you were in The Hague, how could you make this happen?

(No, I did not neglect getting a refill until the very last possible second. I emailed my doctor a few days ago, but the reply was unhelpful and my counter reply went unanswered and then i forgot to go by today, damnit.)

The stupid thing is that I've explained to at least 4 health types that I want to stop taking zoloft. All of them told me not to yet. And you can't just stop cold turkey because they cause withdrawl - but I don't have enough left to a gradual taper off.

Can you walk into a pharmacy in France and get them? I suspect it's possible, if you have a good story. I wonder if "oh my god, i forgot my pills" is a good story. "Mon Dieu! Ou est mon zoloft??!"


My pharmacist is teh awesome

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