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Saturday, 11 August 2007

Day 10

So calculations show that on day 9, we went about 40k and day 10, about 60.

As you recall , when you last heard, we had lost a member. That night, i went to bed very early, even before the sun set. Woke up feeling much better. We had a lot of late nights since coming to germany, something that certainly harmed our social dynamic. A lot of this trip seems to be abput stuff my mom told me as a little kid. Eat your breakfast. Get plenty of sleep.

Our route started going north along the wesser river. The terrain was flat, but ooh, the wind! The river is dotred with charming towns and touristy stuff.

We briefly reunited with the viking route to take a ferry east. Then we parted again to follow a somewhat more roundabout marked route. I had anticipated more charming towns and cute bike paths. Alas, this has not been the case, but our route has taken us past larger towns and things like camping and hotels, something the viking route lacks for this stretch. Vikings, of course, wouldn't stay in hotels.

Going away from the river has cut down the wind, but added a lot of uphill, which for me is easier.

Around 4:00, we were really close to the only campground when it started to rain. Our sleeping bags still have not dried from the last rain, so we consulted our list of bed and bike hotels and called one of them. We rode a couple hours farther and got a warm dry room. And internet. Everyone is pleased. Except for xena.

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