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Wednesday 15 August 2007

Day 15

Last night, it rained. After hundreds of kilometers of no camping and false threats, it fiinally came. Some minor modifications in tent usage left us dry.

In the toilets this morning, between soft rock hits of the late 80's, i thought i heard a predication of scattered showers in the morning with sun later on.

After breakfast, we went to see the viking long houses. The areanear our camp ground had been one of the largest and most important viking settlements. They ancient town had been excavated and a sunken viking ship in the harbor had been salvaged. We skipped the museum, but went to see the reconstructed dwellings. There was a tie up post outside for dogs, so we left xena there.

I think the non-stop barking gave the reconstruction some added authenticity.

They had 5 viking buildings, a viking sidewalk connecting them, viking cattle grazing nearby and a vikng dock going to a viking ship. All of it, we were assured, made as faithfully as possible. Those vikings had some mad skills. They had thatching and adobe and a dock not too much different than a modern one. The booklet pointed out how the village was  a lot like a medieval city. Nicole observed that it greatly resembled a contem'orary dutch village with the tiny thatched houses packed close together with cows adjacent.

After the long houses and some food, we started onward and the promised shower materialized. And then turned into a gusty downpour and then hail blowing right against us! Agh. I was soaked to my skin. Nicole's feet didn't dry out all day.

Our route took us up several saand paths. Uphill on wet sand. Towing a dog. Wih wind. Today was a heck of a workout. At least it actually did get sunny.

Still, the scenery just gets more and more incredible as we pass rolling meadows, corn fields, cows grazing, forests, etc.

Tonight, we are camping again in a tiny little campground. Charming.

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