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Saturday, 18 August 2007

Day 18 for real

Heh, i dated my last update from the future. Oops. I should lie and say that i crossed the international dateline, but the truth is that i was writing while waiting for my first cup of coffee.

So right now really is the evening of the 18th.  All my clothes are clean! Yay.  We stayed in the town for lunch and then biked back to the viking route.

Nicole actually read the 'biking in denmark' book that came with our great new map. It d a section about what kind of bike to use. Shockingly, foldy-fiets aren't reccomended. (That, btw is expat dutch-english for folding bike). However, grandma bikes are fine because denmark is so flat, it explained.

Mayne i have an usual perspective, having biked up 2 fjprds in 2 days. . . There are a lot of words i could pick: beautiful, wind-y, challenging.  But flat? Flat compared to what?

After biking up the fjord, with xena trotting alongside, we resumed our treck on what nicole tells me is an old military road. I don't know exactly what this distinction means. We wemt over the third and final stone bridge. Also, we passed graves from 3000bce. There were sheep grazing on them. What else do you do with ancient graves? It's better than building a hotel on them.

We also saw an ancient stone with runes carved on it. Vikings did the carving. Did vikings have their own alphabet? These folks were really smart. They had docks and boats and runes. But their reputation with anglophones is of hairy guys in pointy, horned hats. The hats didn't have horns, actually. I want plastic horns to put on my bike helmet.

The campground guy tonight saw the shield attached to the dog trailer and asked if we were vikings. Yes! It's so nice to be understood. I did not purchase a small viking-type horn that i recently saw. I have a tendency to acquire odd souvenirs like that.

Danish cycle routes are exceedingly well marked. I have a map of our current route, but i don't really need it. The tourist offices also give away small free maps of the national routes which list kros and campgrounds. The routes are also really nice. The military road is more dirt than i would like, but the routes are really picturesque and relatively direct while taking you past all the important artifacts.

Nicole's morale is again high. Between you and me, i'm kind of surprised that she wanted to camp this evening. The campground is really nice. I'm typing this inside their heated kitched that has a fridge and dishsoap and whatnot. It cost half as much as a hotel room, which is surprising. But the reason i'm nervous is because it's cold out. I wanted to buy some fleece today after lunch, but all the shops were closing right then. Strange so early.

Speaking of early, it's now time for me to do today's laundry.

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