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Saturday, 4 August 2007

Day 4

And on day 4 the rolling hills become more rolly and the downhills are less than the up. We can see germany from here and wil arrive there tomorrow or the next day, but at spot north of here.

I don't pull xena the whole time. Sometimes, I let her off leash. Like yeaterday, we came to bike path that narrowly wove between two pastures, a canal on either side. The problem about letting her run is that she has no idea that bikes can't stop and turn as fast as she can. She has been alost hit so many times. It really annoys other bikers, understamdably, so she only gets to run in places without cars or other bikes. She still will get right in front of me and stop, turning to look at me with her wide dog grin. This wasn't a problem yesterday afternoon, though, as she jumped over a canal, got under an electric fence and ran into a cow-filled pasture, directly at a startled jersey cow. She then raced around the pasture, pausing only to snack on cow shit. Alarming and funny, all at the same time.

We went crazy far yesterday.  Got to the campground after 22:00 and pitched tents in the darkness. It was cool, sorta.

Today the weather was really hot. 28°  We got a late start. I was tired and sore. We only went around 50k today, but we spent more time lounging than progressing. It's the first time that it's felt like summer in the netherlands. Finally gets here in august. I don't mind the cooler weather, even if the clouds get me down.

We camped really early tonight. The sun is just now setting and I'm getting very sleepy.

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