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Thursday 20 September 2007

Sc con live blogging


Thom & Voldemars present about sonic quantums.

How do you deal with many, many control parameters?  Understanding, controlling, but not being able to touch them individually.

1 method is parameter reduction. However, they seek to be as direct as possible.

They have a matrix at the center of their system. Which deals with all their data. A multidemensonal data structre.

They have a visual representation. (How do they pick parameters  and adjust them?)

The matrix projection has 3d clouds that look sorta chaos based. These clouds can rotate, move along, expand and contract. Also can warp from a plane to a surface. 

They use things like speed of movement as control values for things like amplitude. The matrix may relate to spatialization? They are not using statistical controls for their grains. Makes parameters and relationshps clear. This gui is built in gtk, not supercollider.

They will use this as an installation. Now working on trajectory mapping, maybe with envelopes. The visualization is done in jitter.

They worked on a controller at steim, but then moved to mathematical controls.

Oops, it IS statistical. Oh, and they do use randomness and parameter reduction. I'm confused, except that there are white dots forming 3d states swooping around on the screen. Woosh! Swoop!

They are not sharing their code as of yet. Too shy.

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