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Commission Music
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Monday, 8 October 2007

Weekend Report

The lounge with the electrical plugs and the wifi is shut and locked on weekends! I sat outside of it on a bench and checked a few email messages, but my laptop battery is not young, so I had to quit before I could post anything to my blog. I went inside the computer music labs and they don't have internet access. You can get to a server, but not outside. Ok, I see why you wouldn't want people using music lab computers to read comics, but they also can't get to online help files either.

So I sat in the lab, waiting for my battery to recharge and staring squarely at my navel, when another postgrad came by. His name is Zack (I think) and he's also after a PhD. He's also a SuperCollider guy and also left behind from the Copenhagen trip. He asked me what I was up to and I whined that I was all alone in the world (woe is me), so we went out for a beer that evening.

I told him that I'd see him at school again today, but I didn't go in. While I was navel gazing, I got an idea for a multi channel piece and I thought I'd get a stereo version working and then go add channels. But I haven't been able to get a stereo version going.

So while I've been debugging my code, I've been trying to make a playlist of makeout music that I think Cola would like. Shockingly, this side project is not making me feel less lonely. Maybe I should write a makeout music generator to rival Nick Collins' JPop generator. I need samples of women singing "uhgh" and "ooh" and all those sorta sexy R&B vocals. Anyway. What's your favorite makeout music and why? Leave a comment. (Anybody that says Stimmung has to sit facing the corner for an hour.)

The piece that I'm actually working on uses feedback. It's got a comb filter and it also feeds back into the whole synthdef. I use a and I track the amplitude with an RMS. There's a tiny amount of noise going into the circuit and it builds up very slowly through feedback. When it gets above a threshold a bunch of envelopes start going and everything gets zeroed out. I multiply the output of the comb by zero and the input of the comb by zero and the noise by zero and set the comb's feedback to zero. Heck, I zero the buffer that the comb filter uses. There are zeros everywhere. So when I lift the zeros, it should sound like I'm restarting it from the beginning, right? No! It very quickly builds up past the threshold and zeros again and builds quickly and zeros and builds quickly. I don't get it.


Polly Moller said...

Nice to see you posting again!
I like "ABoneCroneDrone" by Sheila Chandra for makeout music.

Nicole said...

I don't know that I have favorite makeout music. I mean, whatever you put on is fine. :)

Timanna said...

Trigger Hippie by Morcheeba (suggestion from Tina)