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Thursday, 8 November 2007

hi from nyc

As of november 1st, the day i flew out here, the nyc british consulate no longer accepts in-person visa applications, something which they don't bother to state on their website. So i will apply by mail and pick up my visa over winter break. Hopefully, this will be ok.

I ate bad diner food and have the flu from it. I feel sort of human today, which is beter than yesterday. Also, i learned that if you don't keep down your zoloft, you get withdrawl!

I feel really stupid about the vsa thing. I wory that i'll be disalowed entrance, especally if i try to bring my bass. I guess i came here for nothing, although it's nice seeing fols. I don't want to leave.

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Polly Moller said...

Poor 'Les!!!!