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Saturday, 8 December 2007

Rawr, I am transzilla!!

Testosterone is the most commonly found hormone in both men's and women's bodies. Indeed, sometimes women have below-normal amounts and this can have health implications. Relatively recently, the FDA declined to approve a T patch for women - the purpose was to boost sex drive. I don't know why they didn't approve it, as it was found to work very well. I think there are certainly issues with medicalizing being bored by your boyfriend. Also, T is sometimes abused by athletes and is therefore under tighter control than other prescription medications.

The women in the FDA test were getting a whole lot less T than I am. I'm getting enough that it's going to overwhelm all the other ones in my system and turn them (mostly) off. So the phenomenon for which it did not gain approval is driving me to distraction. I'm hoping that this effect decreases with time or peaks in the injection cycle and goes away or I get used to it, because man, I am getting absolutely no work done. Is this what cisgender guys experience? How do they ever leave the house?

But that's not the only thing I've noticed. I am, like, super-hungry. I'm usually pretty hungry and can eat a whole lot (and still stay scrawny), but now I seem to want to eat even more. So the mood of me now are: tired, hungry, driven to distraction. I am a simple creature.

Fun fact for drag kings and crossdressers: that faint moustache on your upper lip makes you look more girly, not more manly. If people are looking at you, looking for the clues that tell them what you are, a faint moustache will place you firmly in the girl category. Ergo, I've been shaving my face once every few days for the last few years. And did so yesterday morning. And good lord, by yesterday evening, my skin felt rough and, dare I say, stubbly! Ok, not really stubbly. I probably have the kind of peach fuzz commonly sighted on highschool freshman boys (which I will not let grow out. ewww). But my goodness! yay!


yesyouam said...

Next thing you know, you'll be starting bar fights.

Les said...

What are you trying to say?! I'll cut you!