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Thursday 13 December 2007

Same Language, Different Culture

I'm feeling extremely frustrated about my immigration status. I haven't written anything about this for a while because absolutely nothing has changed. I still need proof of lodging and I still don't have it. My letting agent agreed to send it about three weeks ago. I just assumed that he would. I feel like I'm sitting around with my thumb up my ass, waiting on people who couldn't care less whether I can come back or not.

I called last night, leaving a polite message, asking them to ship me (another) letter via express mail. Well, I assume it was polite. Due to the time difference, I'm never going to get to speak to a live human. I don't know how to leave a message which will communicate my urgency. Should I yell and be angry? Should I throw myself at their mercy? Should I just wait a few more days and avoid calling?

They didn't email me back, which has left me extremely frustrated. I think I will go to my academic supervisor for help. He's (anglophone) Canadian, though, so if yelling and abuse is called for, he's not a good go-to guy.

I don't want to drop out of school because my letting agent can't be bothered to send me a vital document. But my school can't be bothered either. If the two entities which derive an income from my presence don't give a fuck, why should I? Put me in detention, be all transphobic, send me home, don't give me any documents I need - I'm starting to feel somewhat unwelcome.


Graham said...

Don't give up. If there is anyone that can help, it is your supervisor. I'm sorry for the trouble.

Polly Springhorn said...

I would wait until the middle of the night or whatever it takes to match their hours, and then be relentless on the phone! Pretty soon, it'll be the thick of the holidays and nobody will be there at all...

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