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Sunday, 24 February 2008


The idea behind this post is that I'll link to it from the sidebar and in it define a bunch of jargon-y terms that I use. If you see a term in a future post that you don't grok, leave a comment or send me an email, and I'll add it to this post. These are the definitions that I think these words have. If you think I have it wrong, leave a comment. Unless you're defending radfems, then don't leave a comment.

  • me holding an evenfall minimodular Evenfall Minimodular - a nifty small synthesizer made by a guy named Evenfall.
  • FTM - "female to male" transgender / transsexual. One who is read as female at birth but goes on to identify as male.
  • genderqueer - a gender identity that rejects the binary opposition of male/female.
  • HID - "human interface device". A joystick, gamepad, mouse, etc.
  • hir - a gender neutral pronoun used like his or her.
  • MTF - "male to female" transgender / transsexual. One who is read as male at birth, but goes on to identify as female.
  • OSC "open sound control". A system that does everything MIDI does and more. (see wikipedia article)
  • Pass, Passing - "Passing, in regards to gender identity, refers to the ability of an individual to be successfully accepted by others as belonging to a gender opposite to that of their [sex assigned at birth]" - wikipedia
  • POC - "person of color". Somebody who is not white or somebody who is multiracial.
  • radfem - Radical feminist, a member of a branch of feminism characterized by transphobia and gender essentialism.
  • SuperCollider - A program that does sound stuff.
  • T - short for "testosterone", specifically the pharmaceutical kind which can be used by ftms.
  • trans - transgender or transsexual or genderqueer
  • twitter -
  • . Very short blog-like posts. ("blog haiku" - Clyde)
  • ze - a gender neutral pronoun used like he or she.

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