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Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Ningun lugar

Ningun lugar works wioth gender, sexuality and technology.

Their project is called generatech. In barcelona.

We've been shown a video with women having sex and some text that may have mentioned debian, but i don't know because there was sex.

They're doing an event in july in barcelona about gender and foss.

Last year the only performance was 'post porn' and sm. Their events have workshops and performancces. They do debian stuff. Also there was sex. Now there are more videos. Maybe with sex.

I can't post these notes, because it's too about the sex.

Um.. So this video had a faux queen hrassed by guy who stabbed him in the gut and then fucked the  wound. Meat products were involved in the Wow.

I don't understand the difference between porn and post porn. Also, apparenrly there was feminist text along with images of women fucking. Which might as well be a secret message, alas.

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scot said...

i prefer reading when you are subjective :)